• 1
    What is the commission/fee for using the ATM?

    Our commission is 2-5% above the market price.

  • 2
    Where to find current market exchange rate?

    The market exchange rate varies from platform to platform and from ATM to ATM. The difference in market price can be up to 10%. Here is one example with Bitcoin exchange rates (market prices): coinmarketcap.com. Our exchange rate is one of the lowest/convenient on the market.

  • 3
    Can anyone give me hand with using the ATM?

    Of course, just call us at +48 782 856 461 and we will assist you.

  • 4
    How much I can sell/buy during one transaction?

    The limit per transaction is 4000 zl.

  • 5
    What crypto currencies your ATM supports?

    Currently the ATM supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash. Later on we are planning to add Ripple, Stellar and Dash

  • 6
    What currency I can pay/collect?

    You can pay in zloty (PLN).

  • 7
    Why at the withdrawal ATM tells I can collect part of my cash? What I can do then?

    You can call support at +48 782 856 461 so we could refill the ATM with cash as soon as possible.

  • 8
    Why the scanner doesn’t read my wallet QR code?

    You can try to light the brightness of the screen because this may fix the problem or you can also create a new paper wallet from the ATM and continue with your order.

  • 9
    How much time it takes to arrive coins to my wallet?

    It depends on each coin. For example Bitcoin need from 10 to 120 minutes in order to arrive with confirmation but there are coins like Litecoin or other that need 1-15 minutes or even seconds to arrive.

  • 10
    The ATM has frozen. What I should do to quick finalize the transaction?

    You can call support at +48 782 856 461 and we will restart it or fix it otherwise.

  • 11
    How to transfer money from a paper wallet to my main wallet?

    There are mobile wallets like Jaxx, Coinomi, Exodus, Blockchain and many others that have such option in their functionality.